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José Castulo Zeledón (1846-1923) Costa Rican businessman, naturalist, collector (Cantorchilus, syn. Chlorospingus pileatus, subsp. Cochlearius cochlearius, subsp. Cyanocorax affinis, Hafferia, Phyllomyias, subsp. Pittasoma michleri).


(Zeledoniidae; Ϯ Wren-thrush Z. coronata) José Castulo Zeledón (1846-1923) Costa Rican businessman, naturalist, collector. "Zeledonia, genus novum.  ...  This remarkable new genus is so peculiar in its characters that I am in much doubt as to which family it belongs. The very short rounded wing with long first primary, full and closely appressed loral feathers, and soft texture of the plumage  in general strongly suggest the genus Scytalopus, and I was at first inclined to refer it to the Pteroptochidæ, to which Scytalopus belongs; the coloration of the head strongly suggests that of Basileuterus coronatus, and the loose-webbed rectrices with finely acuminate points, as well as the loosely-webbed remiges, slender bill, and long-booted tarsi with sharp posterior edge remind one of Catharus gracilirostris  ...  The general resemblance to the genus Xenicus, of New Zealand, is very remarkable, X. longipes being of nearly the same size and proportions  ...  I have named this genus in honor of Señor Don José C. Zeledon, of San José, Costa Rica, to whom chiefly we are indebted for our knowledge of the richly diversified ornithology of that interesting country" (Ridgway 1889). Recent work confirms that the distinctive Wren-thrush or Zeledonia, formerly regarded as a member of Parulidae, is better separated in a monotypic family within the nine-primaried oscines.
Var. Zelenodia.