How can I customize country checklists?

Open the country page using the Geographical tree at the bottom left-hand side of the page.

These are some of the lists you can produce from each country page:

  • A complete list of all species present in the selected country. This is the default list you will see.
  • A list of species previously checked that are present in the selected country (Checked: True). Please note that this does not mean you have seen the species in this country (the check flag is not associated with any country).
  • A list of species without check mark that are present in the selected country (Checked: False).
  • A list filtered by conservation status (select the Conservation status you are interested in, for example, Endangered and Critically Endangered).
  • A list filtered by status of the species in a specific country: regular, endemic, vagrant or introduced (select the Status in country you are interested in).

The penultimate column of the table shows the conservation status and is indicated as follows:

Extinct in the Wild
Critically Endangered
Conservation Dependent
Near Threatened
Least Concern
Data Deficient
Not Evaluated
Not Assessed