I have many records of my sightings on other software or a different website. Can I transfer all these records to HBW Alive?

Supporting members of HBW Alive are just one step away from being able to import their data from BirdTrack, eBird, Ornitho, BirdBase and personal Excel sheets into My Birding.

The imported data is grouped into birdlists, with their respective sightings, and users can easily aggregate a group of new birdlists into a trip, so the material is better arranged and it is easier to look for information and make useful queries.

As different systems follow different taxonomic classifications, in the case that an imported species doesn't match one in the HBW Alive taxonomy, suggestions will be given so that it can be corrected. More information is provided in the “Get the most out of My Birding” section below.

Our idea isn’t that subscribers should switch from these other projects to come to ours, but rather we are trying to create a system that permits subscribers to use their data in multiple platforms, so that people can fulfil different interests at the same time. So, we encourage subscribers to use their data to participate in citizen science projects, while also having these data in My Birding. Like this, the users’ records can be more easily managed and produce richer information at the personal level, and be closely linked with all of the knowledge and materials available in HBW Alive and the IBC.

More about importing your sightings to My Birding

We recommend that before importing your data to My Birding from another system you read these General Considerations, where we explain important information regarding taxonomic discrepancies, different ways that territories are defined and more.

Also, we have created a specific tutorial for each system:

Please note that the Import tool is in its Beta version, meaning that the service is not completely finished, but it is stable enough to be used and evaluated by subscribers making a typical use of their sightings report app/software/website/Excel and carefully following the steps described in the corresponding tutorial.
We also recommend that you have a look at the My Birding User Manual. Divided into seven mini-chapters, the manual gives you a step-by-step tour through our bird sighting recording system, making it easier to navigate and get the most out of My Birding. Many users will be interested in the “Quick Start” chapter, which will help you jump-start your My Birding experience.

If you are not sure about how to proceed, please contact us.