Ornithological notes, public comments, my notes, ... What are the differences?

Ornithological notes and public comments are intended to provide information to improve what is presently available in the HBW Alive species’ accounts, but they are certainly not equivalent. If you are considering the possibility of making use of either of them, please note the following.

  • Ornithological notes (previously known as Wikicontributions) should contain your own and unpublished material, related for example to the distribution, ecology, breeding habits or migratory movements of a particular species. They are more or less equivalent to ‘short notes’ in ornithological journals, and in a similar way, before being published they must be checked and if necessary, amended by our editorial team to ensure that they are both valuable and rigorous from a scientific viewpoint.
    If possible, the information provided in an ornithological note should be backed-up by ornithological literature confirming that it is new and of interest. References may be provided by the author, or agreed upon after consultation with the HBW Alive editors. Once reviewed, they will be listed on the ornithological notes main page.
  • Public comments are intended to provide any other type of information of potential interest to the users of HBW Alive, including for example suggestions to correct or improve the current texts, indications of published papers that have not yet been used in the updating process, or links to internet pages containing interesting news on a species.
    Public comments do not have to contain bibliographic references, and they are not subject to editorial processing prior to publication. Please do not comment just to say "nice species" or similar things. We hope we can keep public comments as much scientific and informative as possible.
  • My notes are private notes, created by you for your personal use. They will never be shown to the other users on any part of the HBW Alive website. You may create as many notes as you wish, attaching them to either a species account or a family chapter.
    You shouldn't use notes to add your sightings. We have a much more powerful system for that: My Birding.