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The IBC has been online since 2002, and it hasn't stopped growing in terms of number of contributors and users, as well as in the amount of videos, photographs and sound recordings in the collection. We believe that the content, speed and functionality of the IBC, all of which are constantly being improved, make it one of the most outstanding and exciting collaborative online projects for ornithologists and birdwatchers worldwide. Up to this point, the Handbook of the Birds of the World has been the only sponsor to assist with the increasing costs of the IBC's production, hosting and development. However, in order to help continue improving the site, while maintaining it as free-of-charge for users and contributors alike, we have decided to include the advertisements that you will see at the right-hand side of the web pages. Please note that before appearing on the IBC, all advertisements will first pass through an ethical check to ensure their suitability for use on the site. The revenue generated by these advertisements will defray part of the IBC's costs, although the IBC will remain a not-for-profit project and does not seek to obtain any financial gains from such advertising. In addition, a percentage of the advertising revenue will be donated to BirdLife International, to assist in their global conservation work.

How to advertise

The IBC offers an advertising zone on the right-hand side of the website pages. The site is an invaluable source of information for birders, ornithologists and conservationists, making it possible for bird lovers everywhere to see and hear species from all over the globe. It is much visited by those ornithologists who travel extensively, as a tool which enables them to preview in detail the species they plan to see while preparing a trip. We offer a variety of sponsorship options and also welcome any ideas or suggestions you might have.

  • Global ads: These ads appear on all IBC pages in the advertising zone at the bottom of the website pages, such as the most popular pages as  What's New and Ranking. Global tour operators, large travel services or birding equipment brands will find a perfect solution for their high-visibility campaigns. Global ads are purchased through our advertising partner, Digital Spring. For more information on advertising, please contact us or