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I have been guiding... more
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Jean-Michel Erard, born on May 4th, 1936, lives in la Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland... more
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 Éric was born in the northeast of France in 1965. His interest in... more
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CalgaryFor Brooke, bird watching has been a fun, stimulating, and rewarding hobby/... more
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As a boy growing up near the outskirts of the Sultan Marshes, the past's magical... more
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UKMark's earliest birding memory is of seeing Lesser Spotted Woodpecker in his... more
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Carlos was born in Valencia in 1963. He studied... more's picture
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David Fisher lives in Sandy, Bedfordshire. For 19 years... more
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Pere is a naturalist and amateur photographer. He was born in... more
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Santa PolaLuis Javier Falcó Pérez is from Elche, Alicante in Spain. In the 1990s, he... more
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BarcelonaAlthough he is Dutch, he has been living in Barcelona since 2000. He... more
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BarcelonaWith a degree in Biology from the University of Barcelona, she started... more
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PhD Biology - University... more
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Santa Cruz
Argentina more
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Georgia is an amateur birder and... more
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Stefan is 41 years old and... more
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Yorkshire in Yorkshire in 1951 Peter has... more
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Torrelles de Llobregat, BarcelonaCatalunyaTomás was born in Ateca, Zaragoza, in June... more
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Aragónwww.quebrantahuesos.orgLuis has been a patron of the Foundation for the... more
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OaklandCaliforniaAnn Dewart is particularly enchanted with shorebirds and sea... more
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San Franciscowww.petrels.comVideo shot by Lieurance has helped establish several... more's picture
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AmsterdamThe Netherlandswww.wildlifelands.comEric was born in Tilburg in the... more
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Peter Fraser was born in Bristol, UK, in 1957 and took up... more
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BarcelonaCataloniaFerran’s interest in ornithology began when he was 12 years old.... more
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I was born in Manchester and have been... more
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For Chandrahas, ornithology, which started as a mere... more
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Nick gave up a career in geophysics after the lure of Neotropical birds became... more
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Situated deep in the... more
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United Kingdom

Nick is Australian but currently lives in London... more
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AdelaideDominique lives in Adelaide, South Australia. Her interest in birds started... more
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Zürichwww.naturdokumentationen.chChemist, owned a private laboratory for chemical... more
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Meza Maja, Jurmala, LatviaLatvia more
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Steve graduated from the University of... more
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Torrelles de Llobregat, BarcelonaCatalunyaI was born in Barcelona in 1975. Since I... more
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AsiaBird.comwww.ogpartners.comSoon-Chye Ng has been interested in wildlife for over... more
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NavarraInformation to be posted in short.
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Helmut was born in 1951 and his hobby is... more
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United Arab Emirates

Information to be posted in short.
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WaikerieAustraliahttp://www.sabirding.comPeter Waanders has been an avid birdwatcher... more
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Steve Siegel is a physician and amateur videographer living in Miami, Florida USA.... more
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Brisbane, Queensland


Philip Griffin was born in... more
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La Palma d'EbreTarragonaRaül has been a member of the staff at the Institut Català d... more
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With a degree in Biology from the University of... more
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BarcelonaAnna, having always been interested in birds and nature, has participated... more
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Virgilio received a degree in Biology from the National University of San Antonia... more
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SevillaJust an amateur birdwatcher and botanist, he achieved a deep love for nature... more
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Information to be posted in short.