How can I know the precision of a map/locality?

There are mainly two ways to adjust the map associated with a video, photo or sound recording.

a) By selecting a locality using its name

b) By zooming, dragging and finally clicking on the map

The first case will show a map that the system has assigned for the chosen locality and, in most  cases, the map won't be very precise, as it will depend on the locality’s size. For example, if you upload a video and you just select "Spain", the map will show the whole country, which may give the impression that the contributor clicked "in the middle of Spain".

But, if you upload a video and select "Ebro Delta" as the locality, even if you don't interact with the map at all, the end result will be better, and more precise than selecting a broader locality.

Materials uploaded this way will show a red circle on the map, instead of a video/photo/sound icon. Do not be fooled by thinking that a material was recorded in the middle of the red circle! You wouldn’t be the first to ask, "Are you sure this video was taken in the middle of the city?".

For example, for this photo the locality is "Rio de Janeiro State", which means the map only helps you to figure out "where in the world" the photo was shot. Everybody will know where Rio de Janeiro is, but for other regions or localities, a precise map can be quite useful.

For the second case, when the contributor clicks on the map, the map displayed will show a precise marker, like in this example

Also, an explicit sentence is displayed below the map, stating: "This map was adjusted by the author.".

There could be some cases where a contributor just wants to say the photo was taken in Australia and he/she literally clicks “in the middle of Australia”. Luckily this is very rare and should only happen with new contributors, because all others will take better care of the uploads, assiging a precise locality and ajusting the map.