How do I indicate the locality of my material?

The goal is to give the locality where your material was taken as specifically as possible. You can use either of the following methods during the upload process on the “Create Video”, “Create Photo” or “Create Audio” page:

  • Navigate the map using your cursor and click on the point where you took the material. The “Locality” field will automatically be filled with the most specific locality name closest to your marker.


  • Type the name of the locality in the “Locality” field and choose the correct place from the drop-down list, if available. The map will automatically centre on the indicated locality.

OPTIONAL: To further specify the locality name:

Click on the map, and you will see blue circles where there are specific established localities available. The names of the marked localities are given in the footer of the map with a drop-down list given in order of proximity and most specific to broadest region. You can choose a locality either by clicking on the map or choosing from the list.

OPTIONAL: To further specify the map marker:

Click on “Lock the locality from the field above” to set the locality name that you currently have in the “Locality” field. You can then click on the map to precise the marker even further without altering the locality name. If you do not lock the locality, when you click on the map the locality name may change (to another nearby) and you could end up with something you don’t want!