Pará State contributors list | the Internet Bird Collection

Contributors for Pará State, sorted by the number of species recorded

Contributor Videos Photographs Sound recordings Different species
Josep del Hoyo352 videos of 131 species102 photos of 82 species95 sounds of 78 species154
andretti.tche164 photos of 114 species114
Greg Baker151 videos of 110 species7 photos of 6 species3 sounds of 3 species110
nelsonlage6 videos of 5 species106 photos of 100 species3 sounds of 2 species102
Pieter de Groot Boersma141 videos of 73 species1 sound of 1 species73
sclateria13 photos of 13 species65 sounds of 65 species72
David Beadle63 sounds of 61 species61
Carlos Gussoni5 videos of 5 species34 photos of 24 species1 sound of 1 species27
jacqueserard24 photos of 22 species22
Christophe Gouraud24 photos of 22 species22
Arthur Grosset21 photos of 19 species19
alexanderlees4 videos of 4 species13 photos of 13 species1 sound of 1 species18
mark sutton15 videos of 14 species3 photos of 3 species14
Nick Athanas2 videos of 2 species4 photos of 4 species5 sounds of 5 species9
Carlos Rodrigo Meirelles Abreu9 photos of 9 species9
Pablo Cerqueira6 videos of 6 species6 photos of 6 species9
lmbirds8 photos of 8 species8
Edson Endrigo8 photos of 8 species8
filhomanfredini7 photos of 6 species6
Gustavo Gonsioroski1 video of 1 species7 photos of 6 species6
bubleyack6 photos of 5 species5
Rodrigo Y Castro1 video of 1 species3 photos of 3 species4
Héctor Bottai3 photos of 3 species3
Phil Tizzard3 photos of 3 species3
Antonio Silveira3 sounds of 3 species3
Birding Brazil Tours3 photos of 3 species3
glaukorrea4 sounds of 3 species3
Ciro Albano3 videos of 3 species3
Scott Olmstead2 photos of 2 species2
Adriano Oliveir Maciel2 photos of 2 species2
jeremyminns2 sounds of 2 species2
Joselito Nardy Ribeiro1 photo of 1 species1
Ingrid Macedo1 photo of 1 species1
Douglas Fernandes1 video of 1 species1 photo of 1 species1
Anselmo d Affonseca1 photo of 1 species1
Priscila Fernandez1 video of 1 species1 photo of 1 species1
VictorCastro1 video of 1 species1
Dave Rintoul1 photo of 1 species1
João Marcos Rosa2 photos of 1 species1
Captain Peter1 photo of 1 species1
Eberhard Paul Hummel1 photo of 1 species1
Douglas Bete1 photo of 1 species1

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