Chapada dos Guimaraes contributors list | the Internet Bird Collection

Contributors for Chapada dos Guimaraes, sorted by the number of species recorded

Contributor Videos Photographs Sound recordings Different species
Holger Teichmann73 photos of 55 species55
Pieter de Groot Boersma74 videos of 39 species39
Greg Baker41 videos of 39 species2 photos of 2 species39
Ken Havard33 photos of 32 species32
Keith Blomerley33 videos of 27 species1 sound of 1 species27
Dusan M. Brinkhuizen25 photos of 24 species24
Nick Athanas7 photos of 7 species4 sounds of 4 species9
Aleix Comas9 photos of 9 species9
Paul Clarke9 videos of 9 species9
Marco Valentini8 photos of 8 species8
Alberto García5 photos of 5 species5
Tomas Grim5 photos of 5 species5
Stephen John Jones2 videos of 2 species5 photos of 5 species5
Peter Nash5 videos of 5 species5
Scott Olmstead2 photos of 2 species3 sounds of 3 species5
Josep del Hoyo5 videos of 4 species4
Markus Lilje4 photos of 4 species4
Barb Winterfield5 photos of 4 species4
Will Carter4 videos of 4 species4
sclateria4 sounds of 4 species4
Tatiana Colombo Rubio4 photos of 3 species3
Alex García · Videoaves2 videos of 2 species2
Antonio Silveira2 videos of 2 species2
jomacomo1 photo of 1 species1 sound of 1 species2
herve jacob2 videos of 2 species2
Frank Witebsky2 videos of 2 species2
Rodrigo Y Castro2 videos of 2 species2
Peter van Zoest2 photos of 2 species2
René Santos2 photos of 2 species2
megan2 photos of 2 species2
Pia Öberg2 photos of 2 species2
Bruno Salaroli2 photos of 2 species2
Klaus Lachenmaier1 photo of 1 species1
Erkki Lehtovirta1 photo of 1 species1
Daniel Field1 photo of 1 species1
Andres Vasquez N1 photo of 1 species1
Arthur Grosset1 photo of 1 species1
Richard Garrigues1 video of 1 species1
Bret Whitney1 video of 1 species1
Juan Carlos Marín1 photo of 1 species1
Edson Endrigo2 photos of 1 species1
Joe Tobias1 photo of 1 species1
bakkerc1 photo of 1 species1
gscott681 photo of 1 species1

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