Torres del Paine National Park contributors list | the Internet Bird Collection

Contributors for Torres del Paine National Park, sorted by the number of species recorded

Contributor Videos Photographs Sound recordings Different species
Josep del Hoyo112 videos of 27 species27
Bill Benish21 photos of 16 species16
juanjaimemg16 photos of 16 species16
Bob Humphries and Sally Robinson12 videos of 11 species11
Ian Barker10 photos of 9 species9
Joselito Nardy Ribeiro1 video of 1 species7 photos of 7 species7
Simon Littlejohn12 photos of 6 species6
BILLONNEAU Jean Claude7 photos of 5 species5
Greg Griffith5 photos of 5 species5
pfmack5 photos of 5 species5
Ron Hoff6 videos of 5 species5
Luca Boscain4 photos of 3 species3
Arthur Grosset3 photos of 3 species3
gerencia3 photos of 3 species3
Max Roth4 videos of 3 species3
kevinzaouali2 photos of 2 species2
raniero massoli-novelli3 photos of 2 species2
Lutz Duerselen2 photos of 2 species2
Björn Svensson1 photo of 1 species1
Nick Athanas1 sound of 1 species1
Luis Miguel Ruiz Gordón1 photo of 1 species1
Gonzalo Gonzalez C1 photo of 1 species1
Fran Trabalon1 photo of 1 species1
Sebastián Saiter1 video of 1 species1 photo of 1 species1
elba gamonal1 video of 1 species1
David Ascanio1 video of 1 species1
Juan Maria Raggio1 photo of 1 species1
manakincarmelo1 photo of 1 species1
Hans-Juergen Kuehnel1 photo of 1 species1
Angelos Evangelidis1 photo of 1 species1
Joost Brandsma2 photos of 1 species1
John Innes1 photo of 1 species1

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