Better control of your materials and localities

25 Jul 2016 - 10:35 -- Ferran Gil

The new IBC site has lots of improvements based on input from users and contributors. For example, now most of the lists of materials have filters to search for specific bird families and/or contributors, sorting options, etc.

In every locality page—from large countries to small parks—there are individual lists for the Videos, Photos and Sound recordings taken there. Further down the page, below these three blocks of materials, there is a box called "Recent contributors for XXX" which shows up to 25 contributors with material for this locality, in order from newest to oldest contributions.

There is also a link to "View a complete list of all contributors", which takes you to a full list of contributors who have uploaded materials from this locality (or localities inside the current one) with three columns for the total numbers of videos, photos and sounds.

If you're interested in exploring the materials of a particular contributor, just click on any of the totals and you will get a new page with the videos, photos or sound recordings by that contributor. This is a great way to discover materials from other contributors or consult and share your own. Like many IBC pages, you can share the exact page that shows your photos from that birding trip you enjoyed so much!