“Want List” of species

14 Jun 2017 - 13:01 -- Ferran Gil

From time to time, contributors ask us for lists of species lacking different materials on the IBC, so that they can try to fill in some gaps in our coverage, which we think is great! To make this easier, we’ve created automatic lists of species lacking materials for each country or territory, which you can access by clicking the link "Want list of species" in the "Statistics" box of any country.

For our “globetrotting” contributors, checking country by country to find the species for which they have materials would be a slow task. So, we’ve also created a “Global” Want list page, which you can find under the header menu Explore --> Want list or via this direct link: hbw.com/ibc/want-list

If you or anyone you know have materials of any of the listed species, please share them with the wider ornithological community through the IBC collection.

To see what species have been most recently covered, check out the Latest new species page, available under the header menu What's New --> Species.