A bird perched on a branch.

A bird perched on a branch.
Species: Brown-winged Parrotbill   Sinosuthora brunnea
Subspecies: brunnea
Author: John and Jemi Holmes
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Altitude (m): 
1764 meters


Published in HBW Volume 12 on page 306.
Original HBW caption:
The Brown-winged Parrotbill is a poorly known species from the mountains of Myanmar and south China, where it occurs in marginal habitats, including scrub, grass and thickets, as well as open forest and at forest edges. It is locally fairly common, and its favoured habitats are likely to be increasing in extent, rather than decreasing. It is therefore not considered to be threatened. Its global range is highly circumscribed, however, falling mainly within the Yunnan Mountains Endemic Bird Area, and it therefore qualifies as a restricted-range species.