A male close to the water.

A male close to the water.
Species: King Bird-of-paradise   Cicinnurus regius
Author: Brian J. Coates
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Altitude (m): 
21 meters


Published in HBW Volume 14 on page 424.
Original HBW caption:
Birds-of-paradise are found almost exclusively in humid forest habitats. They visit forest pools, flooded knotholes and stumps to drink, although some species may also come to artificial pools in gardens. The King Birdof- paradise forages at various levels of the forest; the proportions of fruit to arthropods in its diet are not known. It joins mixedspecies foraging flocks that may include its congener, the Magnificent Bird-of-paradise (Cicinnurus magnificus), and also Paradisaea species. Flock members can gain from the mutually beneficial foraging effect, capturing prey flushed by other members.

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