A bird perched on a branch, calling.

A bird perched on a branch, calling.
Species: Papuan Babbler   Garritornis isidorei
Subspecies: isidorei
Author: Brian J. Coates
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Altitude (m): 
21 meters


Published in HBW Volume 12 on page 325.
Original HBW caption:
The pomatostomids have loud, distinctive calls that are often the first sign of their presence. The vocal repertoire of most species is rather wide, including simple whistles, chattering, churring and bubbling as well as staccato notes and harsh alarm calls. The New Guinea Babbler is anomalous in this respect, as it possesses different vocalizations. Foraging groups are rather quiet, although birds keep contact with a low, hoarse call. Flocks also give a deep and rasping vocalization and a rising, nasal alarm call. Birds in some mixed-species flocks even appear to mimic the Rusty Pitohui (Pitohui ferrugineus).

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