Île de Ré, France with 67 records
Río Bigal Biological Reserve, Ecuador with 65 records
Nimbokrang Forest, New Guinea with 61 records
Playa de Oro, Ecuador with 60 records
Lake Habbema, New Guinea with 52 records
Varirata National Park, New Guinea with 51 records
Sumba, Indonesia with 48 records
Waigeo Island, New Guinea with 34 records
Arfak Mountains, New Guinea with 30 records
Santiago Island, Cape Verde with 27 records
El Dorado Reserve, Colombia with 27 records
Kumul Lodge, New Guinea with 26 records
Sani Lodge, Ecuador with 25 records
Mashpi Shungo Rainforest Biodiversity Reserve, Ecuador with 24 records
Numfor Island, New Guinea with 23 records
Honshu, Japan with 22 records
Kushiro Subprefecture, Japan with 22 records
Seram, Indonesia with 22 records
Atiu (Enuamanu), Cook Islands with 22 records
Gunung Ambang Nature Reserve, Indonesia with 20 records

This is a list of the top 20 specific localities, sorted by the total amount of materials.