Pousada Rio Azul, Brazil with 18 records
Kumul Lodge, New Guinea with 16 records
Sumba, Indonesia with 15 records
Flores, Indonesia with 14 records
Timor, Timor with 12 records
Lake Habbema, New Guinea with 12 records
Varirata National Park, New Guinea with 12 records
West Timor, Indonesia with 11 records
Buru, Indonesia with 9 records
Halmahera, Indonesia with 7 records
Compostela Valley Province, Philippines with 7 records
Mole National Park, Ghana with 7 records
Bale Mountains National Park, Ethiopia with 7 records
Seram, Indonesia with 7 records
Cristalino Jungle Lodge, Brazil with 6 records
Snow Mountains, New Guinea with 6 records
Buenaventura Reserve, Ecuador with 6 records
Kai Kecil, Indonesia with 6 records
Kakum National Park, Ghana with 6 records
Intervales State Park, Brazil with 5 records

This is a list of the top 20 specific localities, sorted by the total amount of materials.