Panama City, Panama with 23 records
Buenos Aires, Argentina with 16 records
Nicaragua, Nicaragua with 13 records
Fort Lauderdale, USA (United States) with 7 records
Florida, USA (United States) with 7 records
Panama Province, Panama with 6 records
Buenos Aires Province, Argentina with 3 records
Panama, Panama with 3 records
Irvine, USA (United States) with 3 records
Vienna, Austria with 3 records
Uruguay, Uruguay with 3 records
Bahamas, Bahamas with 2 records
Argentina, Argentina with 2 records
San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua with 2 records
Missouri, USA (United States) with 2 records
Southern Thailand, Thailand with 2 records
Costa Rica, Costa Rica with 2 records
Bratislava Region, Slovakia with 1 record
Illinois, USA (United States) with 1 record
Dublin, Ireland with 1 record

This is a list of the top 20 specific localities, sorted by the total amount of materials.