Sanare, Venezuela with 34 records
Yacambú National Park, Venezuela with 21 records
Paraguaná Peninsula, Venezuela with 21 records
Bavaria, Germany with 20 records
Sabana Grande, Venezuela with 17 records
Risaralda Department, Colombia with 17 records
Guadalupe, Panama with 17 records
Sabana Grande de Sanare, Venezuela with 14 records
Apure State, Venezuela with 14 records
Montezuma Peak Road, Colombia with 13 records
Caura River, Venezuela with 12 records
Alto Anchicayá Dam, Colombia with 11 records
Hato Piñero, Venezuela with 11 records
Kakadu National Park, Australia with 11 records
Cotubanamá (del Este) National Park, Dominican Republic with 10 records
Montezuma Eco-Lodge, Colombia with 10 records
Botanical Garden, Dominican Republic with 10 records
Río Blanco Reserve, Colombia with 9 records
Finca Alejandría-Km 18 Vía al Mar, Colombia with 9 records
Española, Galapagos Islands with 8 records

This is a list of the top 20 specific localities, sorted by the total amount of materials.