New York, USA (United States) with 17 records
Nainital, India with 14 records
Ranthambore National Park, India with 10 records
Hudson River Valley, USA (United States) with 9 records
Keoladeo National Park, India with 9 records
Cassowary House, Australia with 8 records
Tarangire National Park, Tanzania with 7 records
Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda with 7 records
Lingmethang (Limithang) Road, Bhutan with 6 records
Bellavista Lodge, Ecuador with 6 records
Heliconias Lodge, Costa Rica with 5 records
Arusha Region, Tanzania with 5 records
Windhoek, Namibia with 5 records
Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve, Costa Rica with 5 records
Ramnagar, India with 5 records
Cairns Esplanade, Australia with 4 records
Varirata National Park, New Guinea with 4 records
Svalbard Islands, Svalbard Islands and Jan Mayen with 4 records
Ampijoroa Forest Station, Madagascar with 4 records
San Gerardo Biological Station, Costa Rica with 4 records

This is a list of the top 20 specific localities, sorted by the total amount of materials.