Cristalino Jungle Lodge, Brazil with 97 records
Embiara Lodge, Brazil with 84 records
Esteros del Iberá, Argentina with 75 records
Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park (Kalahari Gemsbok NP), South Africa with 64 records
Kutai National Park, Indonesia with 54 records
Kruger National Park, South Africa with 50 records
Nimbokrang Forest, New Guinea with 47 records
Himachal Pradesh, India with 42 records
Iguazú National Park, Argentina with 42 records
PICOP Forest, Philippines with 41 records
Karadya Bio-Reserve, Argentina with 38 records
Mapungubwe National Park, South Africa with 36 records
Mount Kitanglad, Philippines with 36 records
Arfak Mountains, New Guinea with 31 records
Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia with 31 records
Jardín de Picaflores, Argentina with 23 records
Karoo National Park, South Africa with 23 records
Tanay, Philippines with 23 records
Batanta Island, New Guinea with 22 records
Periyar National Park and Tiger Reserve, India with 22 records

This is a list of the top 20 specific localities, sorted by the total amount of materials.