Ramal do Noca, Brazil with 8 records
Bosque Telteca Reserve, Argentina with 8 records
Pousada Aguapé, Brazil with 6 records
El Leoncito National Park, Argentina with 5 records
Manacapuru, Brazil with 4 records
Careiro, Brazil with 3 records
Aquidauna, Brazil with 2 records
Apiacás, Brazil with 2 records
Esteros de Farrapos and Islands of the River Uruguay National Park, Uruguay with 2 records
Anavilhanas Archipelago, Brazil with 2 records
Floresta Nacional de Carajás, Brazil with 2 records
Hotel Chacara da Harmonia, Brazil with 2 records
Pousada Seringal Cachoeira, Brazil with 2 records
Guido, Argentina with 2 records
Presidente Figueiredo, Brazil with 2 records
Ataliva, Argentina with 1 record
Vale do Rio Doce Reserve, Brazil with 1 record
Pantanal, Brazil with 1 record
Mata Estrela Private Reserve, Brazil with 1 record
Serra da Canastra National Park, Brazil with 1 record

This is a list of the top 20 specific localities, sorted by the total amount of materials.