Saprokren Community Forest, New Guinea with 19 records
O'Reilly's, Australia with 19 records
Mokwam, New Guinea with 11 records
Sydney, Australia with 11 records
Arfak Mountains, New Guinea with 11 records
El Salto, Panama with 10 records
Punta Rasa, Argentina with 10 records
Copalinga Lodge, Ecuador with 9 records
Abaco Islands, Bahamas with 9 records
Waychinicup National Park, Australia with 9 records
Pinogana, Panama with 8 records
Quebrada Honda, Ecuador with 8 records
Adventure Bay, Australia with 7 records
Buenaventura Reserve, Ecuador with 7 records
Sierra de Lema, Venezuela with 7 records
Nassau, Bahamas with 7 records
Raja Ampat Islands, New Guinea with 7 records
Kakum National Park, Ghana with 7 records
Jakarta Bay, Java with 6 records
Pipeline Road, Panama with 6 records

This is a list of the top 20 specific localities, sorted by the total amount of materials.