Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka with 98 records
Haiti, Haiti with 55 records
North Korea, North Korea with 36 records
Germany, Germany with 18 records
Switzerland, Switzerland with 18 records
Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago with 16 records
Colombo, Sri Lanka with 10 records
Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago with 8 records
Dominica, Dominica with 8 records
Nampo, North Korea with 7 records
Italy, Italy with 5 records
Zambia, Zambia with 5 records
Helsinki, Finland with 4 records
Malmö, Sweden with 4 records
Cuba, Cuba with 3 records
Jinja, Uganda with 3 records
Little Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago with 3 records
Mallorca, Spain with 2 records
Lithuania, Lithuania with 2 records
New York City, USA (United States) with 2 records

This is a list of the top 20 specific localities, sorted by the total amount of materials.