Tasitolu Wetland, Timor with 72 records
Lake Wendouree, Australia with 58 records
Lake Iralalaro, Timor with 57 records
Lakuwahi, Indonesia with 45 records
Loes River Estuary, Timor with 32 records
Onslow, Australia with 31 records
Tibar Aquaculture, Timor with 28 records
Elo, Indonesia with 27 records
Tepa, Indonesia with 27 records
Beloi, Timor with 24 records
Lake Wongan Wildlife Reserve, Australia with 22 records
Lake Goldsmith, Australia with 22 records
Coondiner Pool, Australia with 22 records
Ballarat, Australia with 17 records
Lurang, Indonesia with 17 records
Kupang Bay, Indonesia with 17 records
Winter Swamp, Australia with 17 records
West Angelas mine, Australia with 16 records
Charles Darwin University, Australia with 16 records
Fortescue Marsh, Australia with 16 records

This is a list of the top 20 specific localities, sorted by the total amount of materials.