Fazenda Gamela Eco Resort, Brazil with 39 records
Teresópolis, Brazil with 20 records
Pedernales Falls State Park, USA (United States) with 14 records
Rio de Janeiro City, Brazil with 10 records
Fazenda do Serrote, Brazil with 10 records
Fazenda Ribeirão Hotel de Lazer, Brazil with 9 records
Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden, Brazil with 9 records
Austin, USA (United States) with 6 records
Sepetiba, Brazil with 5 records
Araruama, Brazil with 3 records
San Francisco, USA (United States) with 3 records
Serra dos Orgaos National Park, Brazil with 2 records
San Diego Zoo, USA (United States) with 2 records
Pão de Açúcar, Brazil with 2 records
Santo Antônio do Leite, Brazil with 2 records
Vilarejo das Cachoeiras, Brazil with 2 records
Abobral Region, Brazil with 2 records
Ubatuba, Brazil with 2 records
Monterey Bay Aquarium, USA (United States) with 1 record
Ushuaia, Argentina with 1 record

This is a list of the top 20 specific localities, sorted by the total amount of materials.