Baihualing Ecology Tourist Zone, China (Southern) with 8 records
Jemmu Valley (Jemma Valley), Ethiopia with 6 records
Bishangari Lodge, Ethiopia with 5 records
Debre Libanos, Ethiopia with 3 records
Sululta Plains, Ethiopia with 2 records
Cordillera Escalera Regional Conservation Area, Peru with 2 records
Fundo Alto Nieva, Peru with 2 records
Cangshan Mountain, China (Southern) with 1 record
Dali, China (Southern) with 1 record
Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya with 1 record
Losiny Ostrov National Park, Russia (Western) with 1 record
Arabuko-Sokoke National Park, Kenya with 1 record
Zixi Mountain Forest Park, China (Southern) with 1 record
Ilistay River, Russia (Eastern) with 1 record
Mount Kerinci, Indonesia with 1 record
Primorsky Krai, Russia (Eastern) with 1 record
Lake Langano (Wabe Shebelle) Hotel, Ethiopia with 1 record
Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt with 1 record
Andasibe (Perinet)-Mantadia National Park, Madagascar with 1 record

This is a list of the top 20 specific localities, sorted by the total amount of materials.