Madre de Dios River, Peru with 140 records
Las Cruces, Peru with 117 records
Manu Wildlife Center, Peru with 109 records
Drake Passage, Drake Passage with 72 records
Chalalan Ecolodge, Bolivia with 68 records
Amazonia Lodge, Peru with 67 records
Barba Azul Nature Reserve, Bolivia with 58 records
South Atlantic Ocean, South Atlantic Ocean with 55 records
Mbaracayú Forest Nature Reserve, Paraguay with 55 records
Santa Cruz, Galapagos Islands with 51 records
West Point Island, Falkland (Malvinas) Islands with 48 records
San Rafael National Park, Paraguay with 46 records
Villa Carmen Biological Station, Peru with 46 records
Blanquillo Macaw lick, Peru with 46 records
Tunari National Park, Bolivia with 44 records
Páramo Frontino Reserve, Colombia with 43 records
Finca Alejandría-Km 18 Vía al Mar, Colombia with 39 records
Alalay Lagoon, Bolivia with 36 records
Boyuibe, Bolivia with 36 records
Laguna Capitán, Paraguay with 36 records

This is a list of the top 20 specific localities, sorted by the total amount of materials.