Lingmethang (Limithang) Road, Bhutan with 9 records
Hauraki Gulf, New Zealand with 6 records
Alcoa Road, Dominican Republic with 5 records
Bucaramanga, Colombia with 3 records
Sumapaz Paramo, Colombia with 3 records
Loma Larga, Bolivia with 3 records
Sierra de Bahoruco, Dominican Republic with 3 records
Refugio Los Volcanes, Bolivia with 3 records
Zapotén, Dominican Republic with 3 records
Rabo de Gato, Dominican Republic with 2 records
San Lorenzo de Pampa, Bolivia with 2 records
lower Ruta 16, Bolivia with 2 records
Cabañas San Isidro, Ecuador with 2 records
Alto Tambo, Ecuador with 2 records
Lluscamayo, Peru with 2 records
Yabelo, Ethiopia with 1 record
Santa Cruz de Barahona, Dominican Republic with 1 record
Bryant Park, USA (United States) with 1 record
Baizha Forest Reserve, China (Northern) with 1 record
Coba, Mexico (Southern) with 1 record

This is a list of the top 20 specific localities, sorted by the total amount of materials.