Alaska, USA (United States) with 95 records
Cuba, Cuba with 93 records
Tanzania, Tanzania with 92 records
Uganda, Uganda with 89 records
Japan, Japan with 79 records
Brazil, Brazil with 36 records
Grande Comore Island, Comoro Islands with 32 records
Masoala National Park, Madagascar with 20 records
Antananarivo, Madagascar with 16 records
Anjouan Island, Comoro Islands with 15 records
Mayotte, Comoro Islands with 15 records
Java, Java with 15 records
Moheli Island, Comoro Islands with 15 records
Kyushu, Japan with 12 records
South Australia, Australia with 10 records
Honshu, Japan with 10 records
Ishigakijima, Japan with 10 records
Cambodia, Cambodia with 9 records
Sulawesi, Indonesia with 9 records
Way Kambas National Park, Indonesia with 9 records

This is a list of the top 20 specific localities, sorted by the total amount of materials.