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jacqueserard@bluewin.ch I live in Switzerland and I am passionate by wildlife. I travel all around Switzerland and world for birdwatching and photographing. I am member of Nos oiseaux, Neotropical, African and Oriental Bird Club. I have some trip reports with many pictures : http://www.lpo.fr/images/voyagesornithos/Malaisie/Borneo_Erard_2008_1.pdf http://www.lpo.fr/images/voyagesornithos/Ethiopie/Ethiopie-2009-Erard.pdf http://www.lpo.fr/images/voyagesornithos/Costa_Rica/Récit_Costa_Rica_du_31_juillet_au_18_août_2011.pdf http://www.lpo.fr/images/voyagesornithos/Costa_Rica/Costa-Rica-2012-Erard.pdf http://www.lpo.fr/images/voyagesornithos/Kenya/Kenya-2010-Erard.pdf http://www.lpo.fr/images/voyagesornithos/ouganda/Ouganda-2010-Erard.pdf

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