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John O'Malley

John and Sue O'Malley have been birding since University days in the 1970's. It has been a growing love which we have enjoyed and shared all these years. Our birding encompasses all aspects, from twitching to recording and sending data in to different groups. In recent times (last 10yrs.) we have included photography, 99% of which is done handheld on the run.

We have lived in Australia most of our lives, although a year here and there has been spent working in places like UK, NZ, and Bangladesh. We have also spent time living on places like Pitcairn Is. and Norfolk Is. for a year or two. These work opportunities only served to increase our joy of Birding.

We are now retired and living on Australia's Gold Coast, where we have access to Coastal Wetlands, Mountain Rainforest and inland Savanna and semi-desert.

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