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PhD Biology - University of Wroclaw
From 1994-2010 - worked as scientist in the Stolowe Mts. National Park
Interested owls biology and behaviour, specially Pygmy, Eagle and Tengmalm’s Owl, ringer and amateur photographer.
My study area: Sudeten, Carpathian region, Bialowieza Primeval Forest, Ecuador




Some publication:

Pikulska B., Mikusek R. 1997. Dormouse Glis glis in the owl food in Stolowe Mts. Przegl. Zool. 41, 1-2: 109-111

Mikusek R. 1999. Alpine shrew Sorex alpinus in pellets of the birds of prey in the Klodzko Land. Chr. Przyr. Ojcz. 55,5: 94-98

Mikusek R., Kloubec S., Obuch J. 2001. Diet of the Pygmy Owl (Glaucidium passerinum) in eastern part of Central Europe. BUTEO 12: 47-59

Mikusek R. 2001. Biology and number of the Pygmy Owl in the Stolowe Mts. Not. Orn. 42,4: 219-231.

Mikusek R., Stawarczyk T., Wuczyński A., Lontkowski J. 2003. Abundance and diversity Birds of Prey in the Klodzko Land. BUTEO 13: 3-10

Mikusek R., Dyrcz A. 2003. Birds of the Stolowe Mts. Not. Orn. 44: 89-119

Mikusek R. 2004. Owls of the Klodzko Land. Not. Orn. 45: 133-146

Mikusek R., Greeney H., Dyrcz A., Simbaña A. 2012. Breeding biology of the Collared Inca (Coeligena torquata) in eastern Equador. ORNITOLOGIA NEOTROPICAL 23: 277–285, 2012

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