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Peter Waanders

Berri, Australia

Peter Waanders has been an avid birdwatcher since age 10. Born and raised in the Netherlands, Peter obtained a B Sc degree in Environmental Management and has worked in National Park management planning in the Czech Republic, ecological research in the Netherlands and Australia, and natural resource management planning and project implementation in Australia.

Peter has travelled extensively to over 30 countries in Europe, North and South America, Asia and the Pacific in pursuit of his main interests: birdwatching and nature photography. His life list of bird species currently totals some 4,000 and his collection of digital images is over 100,000. In 1996 Peter moved permanently to Australia and with wife Natasha purchased a property in South Australia consisting of mallee eucalypt scrubland and small orchards. Peter is currently employed by a semi-government catchment management authority and manages large environmental projects with a focus on floodplains, wetlands and biodiversity. Peter started conducting professional bird guiding trips in 2005 and now runs a very successful bird tour business, Bellbird Birding Tours, showing visitors the rare and hard-to-find species of Australia.

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