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Leslie Lieurance

San Francisco

Video shot by Lieurance has helped establish several first Californian and North American bird records. His submission in 1991 to the Western Field Ornithologist Bird Records Committee documented the first accepted record of Arctic Loon in California. Due to his passion for pelagic birding, his videos for Great-winged Petrel and Light-mantled Albatross resulted in accepted records. His video of many other Californian pelagic species is included in An Introduction to the Seabirds and Mammals of Monterey Bay, a joint production of Lieurance and Debra Shearwater of Shearwater Journeys. Les is also the webmaster of the Shearwater Journeys website, www.shearwaterjourneys.com. Other Californian rare bird videos are available for free download at his personal website www.petrels.com . Les is an active birder with his wife, Cindy, concentrating on their bird lists for the 58 countries in California.

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