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For Brooke, bird watching has been a fun, stimulating, and rewarding hobby/past-time/obsession. She met her husband, Eric Tull, through it and has had wonderful experiences travelling with him in various countries as well as across Canada in their mutual search for new birds and wonderful scenery.

She has been a birder for over 30 years but only recently, with the advent of the great telephoto capabilities of video cameras, has she been trying to capture birds on film. Earlier attempts with an SLR only resulted in reasonable pictures if the birds were larger -- like penguins! She and her husband have had fun editing the hours of video taken in Kenya and Thailand, and are about to start on footage from a recent trip to New Zealand. They show the resulting presentations to their local bird club and anyone else who will watch.

Technical info: Brooke’s first video camera was a Sony Handycam DCR-TRV120 with an optical zoom of 25x but she has recently switched to the Canon ZR 90 (optical zoom 22x) because it's much lighter to carry in the field.

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