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I have been guiding birding tours since 1984 to Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, Panama, the Lesser Antilles, the Dominican Republic, Chile, Trinidad and Tobago and the Amazon River across Peru, Colombia and Brazil. II am also a research associate of the Phelps Ornithological Museum and the moderator of the AvesVenezuela website. I share my passion for birding with bird vocalizations using my private library with more than 650 hours of recordings. Some of my publications include the bird inventory of Hato El Cedral (1993) and Hato Piñero (2008). I have also co-authored the description of the River Island Spinetail (Synallaxis beverlyae) and the Delta Amacuro Softtail (Thripophaga amacurensis). I am currently a core leader of VENT (Victor Emanuel Nature Tours) and the director of Ascanio Birding Tours, a Venezuelan-based company to operate free independent birders. I have been honoured to work with personalities such as Steve Hilty, Robert Ridgely, Kevin Zimmer, Andrew Whittaker, Richard ffrench, John Kricher, Barry Lopez, Frank Gill, Robin Restall and Peter Mathiessen. You can follow me in twitter (@davidascanio) or enjoy my photos in the flickr website (david ascanio). I am currently writing the species accounts for the forthcoming Field Guide to the Birds of Venezuela.

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