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Geoffrey Dabb belongs to the class of watchers who began at about the age of 10 (in his case in about 1948 around his home town of Geelong, Victoria). Since then he has watched birds from time to time, recreationally, on all continents. From 1962 he lived for 17 years in Port Moresby, where he was a foundation member of the New Guinea Bird Society. Since 1980 he has been based in Canberra. His first attempt at videoing birds came in 1990 when with a basic camcorder he came across a huge flock of feeding Budgerigars by a highway in inland Australia. He still has rather low-grade footage of those hundreds of tiny wings throbbing close at hand, then retreating abruptly as the flock swirls away into a distant cloud of yellow-green smoke.

When he retired from full-time work in 2002, he took up videoing bird behaviour more systematically. He has shown his edited videos to bird clubs and seminars and made some of them available for scientific and educational purposes. In 2004 one of his bird videos won a national video competition.

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