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Jorge Falagán Fernández


Jorge studied Biological Sciences at the University of León, where he earned a degree in Zoology. At present he is a teacher in León university in the ecology area. He has collaborated in different studies of Spanish fauna, censuses of raptors (red kite, golden eagle, griffon vulture, Egyptian vulture, lesser kestrel, peregrine falcon, etc), wintering aquatic birds, forest birds (middle spotted woodpecker, black woodpecker, etc) as well as other birds and mammal studies.
As an expert ringer, he has done numerous ringing campaigns in the most diverse places: from birds of the Cantabric Mountains to the birds of Doñana. He is a specialist on raptors,quail, alpine birds, steppe birds.. León. He is also a founding member of an association called GIA (Grupo Ibérico de Anillamiento), founded to study birds. During two years he was the president of this group. Recently, with the acquisition of a digital camcorder, he has begun filming fauna during his fieldwork and free time.

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