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Pieter is a 36 year-old (as of 05-01-2019) biology teacher who has been enjoying birds from at least the age of 6. It was then that his teacher wrote in his testimonial that "Pieter is a nice kid, but he should stop staring at the birds outside during class". And it only got worse from the age of 10, when he inherited a few bird books from his grandfather and got his first binoculars from his dad. Pieter has had the fortune to visit many European countries starting when he was 16, and now he has set his eyes beyond the European borders. After photography he decided to buy a camcorder, partly because of the IBC-website. He now has material from Mexico, Belize & Guatemala, Peninsular and Bornean Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India and The Gambia, Sulawesi and Halmahera (Indonesia), Suriname, Tanzania, USA, Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia, Brazil, Peru and the Netherlands (most of them vagrants). From February untill July 2011 he lived in Paramaribo in Suriname, where he taught biology to the local youth. He tried to explore the local wildlife as much as possible! From August 2014 to August 2015 he travelled extensively (47.000 km) throughout Australia. Excluding three months of work in Tasmania, seven months of birding! He also visited New Zealand for a month and New Caledonia for ten days. Over 700 bird species, 118 mammals species and hundreds of reptile/amphibian/fish species were identified. Next stop West Papua in the summer of 2019! His partner in crime during many travels is Frank Derriks, who posted a number of photographs on this site. For some videos of mammals, visit Pieter's Youtube channel.

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