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Born in 1979, Iva completed a MSc Degree in “Ecology and Nature Conservation” at the University of Sofia in 2002. Deeply interested in avian biology, she has been gaining knowledge and experience while taking part in many scientific research projects and environmentally-oriented projects, including monitoring of water birds, studying breeding ecology of shrikes, bird-ringing activities, recording soaring migrants along the Black Sea Coast, etc. She is an author of a number of documentary (science-popular) articles and film scripts for wildlife documentaries. Iva is experienced in wildlife photography and publishes nature and especially bird photos in journals and books. However, her real passion is filming wildlife, which was made possible after obtaining in 2006 her first high-quality digital camcorder – Canon XM2. In January 2007 she received a certificate for “cameraman mastership” from the Bulgarian Guild of TV Cameramen.

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