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John Corder

John is a prominent member of the World Pheasant Association, which has responsibility for the in-situ and ex-situ conservation of all the world’s galliformes. He has achieved great successes in breeding many threatened species and he is a consultant for the governments of India, China and Malaysia for their conservation breeding projects, particularly the Western Tragopan, Chinese Monal and the peacock-pheasants. He has worked for many years on the Green Peafowl re-introduction project in Malaysia. John has videos of practically all species of pheasants in the world, including material showing courtship displays and other aspects of the breeding biology of this group.

Here is a photo of John conducting a health check on a rescued White-crested Kalij Pheasant at Sarahan pheasantry, Himachal Pradesh, northern India. With him is Alam Singh who recently bred Western Tragopans with John’s help, and one of the keepers is looking on.

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