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I was born in Madrid, in 1981. Thanks to my parents I began enjoying nature at a young age and understanding the need for its preservation. My father introduced me to photography and, later on, to the passion for filming wildlife.

I studied Environmental Sciences and specialized in Protected Areas Management and Nature Conservation. Later, I participated in research and conservation projects, mostly related to birds. Now, ornithology has become one of my main professional purposes. As a ringer of the Spanish Society of Ornithology, I’m very interested in the study of birds in hand and research about conservation biology aspects, mainly focused in ecology.

In the summer of 2007 I began working full time in the IBC project, compounding two of my passions: birds and videos. During around two years I was editing, characterizing and uploading all the received material, which came to our hands from every corner of the world. Thanks to the IBC my knowledge about birds further from our frontiers increased and my enthusiasm for traveling and watching them emerged.

In 2010 I started my dedication to a family-owned ecoturism project in Alto Tajo Natural Park, Posada de los Gancheros (, which offers me enough free time to continue studying and researching for nature conservation, what I really love, as well as traveling to film birds. I’m currently coursing a Master in Ecology and developing my thesis about the declive of the House Sparrow populations, mainly focused in a secondary sexual and social trait in males and biometrical differences between urban and rural populations, which are supposed to be subjected to different ecological pressures in their respective ambients.

Also in 2010 I finally materialized my personal bird-video project, apart from continuing my contributions to the IBC. Videoaves ( was launched in april 2010 after a long period of working on it’s design and contents with Get a Feeling Laboratory (, with the aim of classifying all the material I had already filmed and increasing my personal collection bit by bit. Now, in early 2012 I inaugurate Videoaves Blog, which will add many interesting features to the web, as trip reports, checklists and, little by little, many others. I hope this small personal project contributes to bird knowledge and conservation, as well as the blog can offer some entertainment to the birders who follow it.

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