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Los Angeles,

Garry and his partner Joseph Brooks have enjoyed over 7,000 species of birds in the world (as of 2007) thanks to help from amazing guides and friends like Uthai Treescon (, David Ascanio, Pete Morris, Miitch Lysinger and Ari Suhandi, of Indonesia Ecoventure, and Peter Lobo in India trying to support local eco-tourism that conserves habitat as much as possible.
Garry works for the conservation of birds and habitat as Chapter Network Director for Audubon California. His efforts include raising money for conservation of land such as $ 26,000 for the Jocotoco Foundation to buy the Jorupe reserve in Ecuador, donating conservation tools to efforts around the world including telescopes and binoculars to the rangers at Tonle Sap Lake in Cambodia, and partnering across the border with conservation groups in Mexico such as Pronatura, most recently in an effort to stop a liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility in Baja next to Coronados Islands which hosts the biggest breeding colony of Xantus’ Murrelet. "Every birder has an obligation to contribute time and/or money to preserve what we love,” he says. Garry also consults for the music industry for recording artists and songwriters.
Joseph Brooks designs jewelry and produces rock and roll events for venues in Los Angeles.
Together they converted their Los Angeles lawn to California native plants with a man-made stream that reminds them of some of the locations they’ve been to, and to attract birds while helping the environment by eliminating or reducing obscene water use, emissions from mowers and blowers and sterile dead zone lawn. Over 87 species of birds have come through their small, urban yard. “The health of an ecosystem is measured by its biodiversity,” says Harvard biologist E.O.Wilson. Garry shoots videos as a hobby with a SONY TRV900 camera that is fairly beaten up at the moment from thrashing through the wilderness.

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