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Luis Eduardo Urueña

Luis is a biologist from Universidad del Tolima (Tolima University) with 10 years of experience in birdwatching and scientific researches in the endangered species field. For 3 years Luis has worked strongly on birdwatching-tourism for foreigners as co-leader and local guide in ornithology tours for important companies in the world; he has worked as guide together with famous guides like Steven Hilty (Author of the: “Guide the Birds of Colombia – 1986), Barry Walker, Richard Webster, y Frank Lambert, with them, he has got his experience and skill. He have a company of birdwatching, botanical and nature tours in Colombia of name MANAKIN NATURE TOURS and is working in this moment here. Luis in addition, won a watcher prize with the British Petroleum Company Conservation Programme when he worked with a important project of ProAves Colombia Foundation with the enigmatic Blue-billed Curassow in 2004 as director. He worked in research also with other important bird species as Recurved-billed Bushbird, Tood´s Parakeet, Tolima Dove and more. He is an expert in logistic and operability of birdwatching tours in Colombia, and he is able to organize, direct and execute a tour to birdwatching in any locality or route where MANAKIN NATURE TOURS operates.

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