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Adam Elzinga

Portland, Oregon

Despite his father being a birder and biologist, Adam somehow spent most of his childhood unaware of the natural world around him. Absorbed with computers and technology he had little interest in anything outdoors. After graduating from high school and a brief attempt at college, Adam grew tired of his domesticated existence and spent a summer adventuring across the wilderness of the western United States. Never before had he felt so fulfilled, so eager to explore this new world. He dusted off his Canon XL1 and set off to do just that.

Adam enjoys stalking his subjects for hours at a time, always pushing himself to get a more intimate view without disrupting their natural behavior. He prefers shooting handheld, but reluctantly gives up that freedom and tethers himself to a tripod when a telephoto lens is all that will do. However, Adam’s experience is that patience and perseverance are much more useful than lens length.

When Adam is not filming wildlife, he most likely is rock climbing or trying to satisfy his voracious appetite for knowledge by reading books and watching documentaries. He prefers very simplistic living, giving up money for free time. His wonderful partner, Amy, supports his erratic way of life in between occasional field jobs.

Adam is passionate about protecting what is left of our dwindling natural areas and wildlife. Through his nature cinematography, he hopes to inspire others to take part in conservation. His contributions to the IBC are submitted without copyright to encourage non-restricted access to information and to educate the widest possible audience by allowing free distribution in the public domain. Please use them as you wish.

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