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Seth Ames

Seth was born in Rockford, Illinois, in 1974. Birds have brought him all over the country and opened the door to the outside world. As a wildlife biologist, Seth found most of his jobs after the university from Cornell University’s Ornithological Jobs website. From the most remote corners of Arizona to urban areas of New York, Seth made a living as a seasonal field biologist for 8 years. He has worked for the Arizona and Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlases, Braddock Bay Raptor Research, Eagle Valley Nature Preserve, Arizona Bald Eagle Nestwatch Program, and The Gila Forest New Mexico Spotted Owl Project, to name a few. Birds also brought him out of the United States to Costa Rica to help begin the Talamanca Raptor Migration Watch.
Now Seth guides birders and non-birders alike mostly in the Amazon. In his free time (which he takes very seriously) he likes to make “travel style” shows for his youtube channel about Ecuador. He is currently using a Canon Powershot TX1 for all his videos, which he keeps in his pocket everywhere he goes. If you send him an email he'll be sure to write back.

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