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Nacho Areta

Salta (Argentina)

Juan Ignacio (Nacho) Areta was born in Argentina where he still dwells as a sort of hybrid between a caveman and a field ornithologist. He devotes most of his time to research, which occasionally can be dubbed as strictly scientific, and most of the time tends to approach the free old-day naturalist style which seems somewhat forgotten in the urge of many modern scientists who respond to the "publish or perish" demands of THE SYSTEM. His choice of writing many bird articles in spanish has to do with one of his most important convictions: knowledge should be available to those who usually have more difficulties in acquiring knowledge. He hopes to survive in THE SYSTEM despite this costly decission. A proud member of the Grupo FALCO, enjoys mate, asados, rhum and a dosis of chaos.
Beautiful birds and great ideas are among his favorites.
Nowadays, four main activities fill his life: disentangling the taxonomy of the Capuchinos (Sporophila spp.), working with the natural history and voices (and conservation, albeit not directly) of birds from the Atlantic Forest of Misiones (Argentina), studying bamboo-specialization by birds in the Atlantic Forest of Misiones, and guiding bird tours.

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