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Iwein Mauro

Iwein Mauro (°1975) left Belgium at age 20 for half a year's birding on a shoestring through the Indian Subcontinent and has been birding in the Oriental and Indo-Pacific realms ever since. He first visited West Papua or Indonesian New Guinea in 2000 and immediately appreciated the singular uniqueness of the vast, violently enrapturing, tropical wilderness area that the territory still is. Iwein gradually amassed an intimate knowledge of West Papua's exquisite birdlife, his personal ornithological field experience totaling in excess of 2,000 bird days at bivouacs scattered across the territory. Undoubtedly the outstanding result of his ardent explorations is the field discovery of Bruijn's Brush-turkey (Aepypodius bruijnii), arguably the most enigmatic and sought-after bird species of the entire New Guinea region.

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